Aglaonema Red Valentine
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Aglaonema Red Valentine or Chinese Evergreen Red Valentine is a beautiful, slow-growing houseplant. The Red Valentine produces green leaves with tones of rose randomly splashed on the dark green leaves. The colors start out more pink and turn red as the leaves mature. Aglaonema Red Valentine is an easy to care for, low maintenance houseplant that does best if kept away from drafts or vents. The red-green foliage really makes a statement when planted in a brightly colored pot.


Plant Size

Height: 40cm (including pot height 8cm)

Pot diameter: 10cm


Pot Type

Plant is sold in basic plastic pot with drainage holes as shown in the picture.



  •  The product photo shown is for reference only. Kindly note that each plant is unique, thus, the actual plant colour, size, and arrangement may differ slightly from the photo. 
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